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NAC Zambia donates to Kanyama West Clinic

Apostle Donald Kalyangu handing over the donation to the Sister-in-chargesThe New Apostolic Church in Kanyama donated assorted items to Kanyama West Health facility on behalf of the members in Khola district of Lusaka West/Mumbwa Apostle area during the festival period.


Making the donation on 29th December 2018, Apostle Donald Kalyangu alluded to the fact that the Christmas and New Year festivities were a period of sharing love. The Apostle made specific reference to the scripture according to Matthew 25:36 “… I was sick and you visited me…”

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By Nathaniel Lowa

District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula during the Divine Service at Chaisa Congregation on 20th January, 2019 in LusakaThe office of the Chief Apostle functions to keep the doctrine pure while developing it further, opening up new insights, and uniformly spreading the testimony of faith to all parts of the world. Zambia is among the many places the Chief Apostle visits once a year and this year (2019), the Chief Apostle will visit Zambia from the 18th to the 21st of July. Because of this, District Apostle Charles Ndandula has been spiritually preparing New Apostolic Church members through fellowships and Divine Services. Already in 2019, the District Apostle has visited a number of congregations among them is his recent visit to Chaisa Congregation in Lusaka. 

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Vic Falls hosts the 6th IAM

6th IAM, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe26 active Apostles in DAA 28 (Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe) attended the 6th International Apostles’ Meeting which was held at Cresta Sprayview Hotel in Victoria Falls Town in Zimbabwe, on December 1, 2018. District Apostle Helper Arnold Mhango was not part of the meeting on account of his dear wife who was ill.

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“Kakulunda - A Home Beyond The River”

By Nathaniel Lowa In Kakulunda.

Lizevu Church in Kakulunda, Lukulu WestThe Catechism of the New Apostolic Church under the preparation of the bridal congregation states that, ‘through fellowship with Jesus Christ in word and sacrament, believers today experience salvation by being prepared for the return of Christ which will enable them to share in the glory of God.’ It further states that the Apostles have the task of proclaiming the word of God and dispensing the sacraments.

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BY GRACE SITALI in Livingstone

Sporting activities during the Livingstone Day of Child on 10th November 2018The book of Mark 10:15-16 says, “15 Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” 16 And He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them.

This is a clear indication of how important children are in the House of God. For this reason, the New Apostolic Church holds activities which bring the children closer to God.

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NAC Zambia on Facebook

By Nimon Muleya


FacebookThe New Apostolic Church in Zambia, incorporating Malawi and Zimbabwe has signed up on Facebook.


In a circular to read in all congregations in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe, District Apostle Ndandula said the official Facebook page is called New Apostolic Church – Zambia, with the profile picture of the church emblem and 8 Communion chalices as the initial cover picture. The page can be accessed at https://www.facebook/naczamofficial.

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Isoka Central ChurchThe New Apostolic Church in Zambia is present in all the provinces. For many of these provinces, the works of faith were pioneered by children of God who were led by the desire to fellowship with one another.


In Muchinga Province, Isoka to be specific, the New Apostolic Church started in the year 1970 by sister MARY ELEVINE NAMUNYIMBILI who testified to some people in that area. During this time, sister NAMUNYIMBILI then received support from leaders in neighboring towns among them, Muyombe which is a neighboring town to Isoka.


In 1975, then Apostle Duncan Mfune conducted a divine service where 21 members received the holy sealing and 6 years later in 1980, 38 more members received the holy sealing by again then Apostle Duncan Mfune.

District Apostle visits Kabompo

Kabompo Town – North Western Province, ZambiaDistrict Apostle Charles Ndandula visited Zambezi-Kabompo Apostle Area from 8th to 10th June, 2018.


Kabombo is a town in North-Western Zambia located on the banks Kabompo River and has fishing and honey production as the main economic activities. The town has a population of over 88, 900 people...

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National Youth Day in Zimbabwe

By Kumbula Ndlovu in Kwekwe

Apostle Daniel Mulemba and his entourage at Kwekwe High School during the 2018 National day of Youth for Zimbabwe Apostle AreaArea Apostle Daniel Mulemba officiated at the 2018 New Apostolic Church National Youth Day for Zimbabwe and Youth Service which was held from Friday, May 4 – 6, 2018.


201 youths from across Zimbabwe gathered at Kwekwe Primary School for the event.


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About  Apostle Sabwiza Tufule (Sesheke-Mulobezi Apostle Area)

By David Nalumino Mwiya

Apostle Sabwiza TufuleWe welcome the new Apostle for Sesheke-Mulobezi Apostle Area, Sabwiza Tufule, born on 25th January 1965 at Samunsi village, Chief Sampuo of Sesheke District to Mr. Alexis Sabwiza Tufule and Mrs Grace Namasiku Tufule.

In 1972, he started his primary education at Sesheke Primary School, completing at Mulwani in Livingstone. For his junior secondary, he went to Livingstone’s Saint Raphaels Secondary School and completed his senior secondary education at Monze Secondary School.

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About Apostle Peter Mukonda (Senanga-Shangombo Apostle Area)

By David Nalumino Mwiya

Ap. Peter MukondaPeter Mukonda. This is the name of the new Apostle for Senanga-Shangambo Apostle Area, ordained on 29th April 2018 by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider at Nakatindi Church Grounds in Livingstone during the 90th Anniversary celebrations.


He was born in a New Apostolic family on 30th January 1979 at Lianyi Village, Chief Nalonge in Senanga District of Western Province. His father is David Mukonda Kambungo (now a retired Shepherd) and the mother is Mary Kalumbu Kambungo. He was baptized and sealed in the same year he was born by Apostle Barrington Nawa Sianga.

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Sisters Fellowship donate to inmates

By Shardrick Wilima in Luanshya


Part of the members that accompanied Apostle Mwansa to Luanshya Correctional Facility on May 5, 2018ABOUT 185 brothers and sisters from Luanshya braved the rains to attend a special fellowship with Prisoners at Luanshya Correctional Facility on 5 May 2018.


Area Apostle Jacob Mwansa graced the occasion accompanied by Bishop Mwiya and District Ministers.


 The Apostle based the fellowship on a text from Matthew 10:5-6:


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By Nathaniel Lowa in Livingstone


Apostle George Henwood Mkandawire1928 is a significant year for New Apostolic Church Christians in Zambia because it marks the inception of the church. It was in that year that George Henwood Mkandawire, after joining the New Apostolic Church in Cape Town, brought the gospel he had encountered to Zambia.

The church has since grown from a few members to about 1,214,972 members with over 7,500 congregations across the country over the past 90 years.


For this reason, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider joined the rest of New Apostolic Church members in Zambia in celebrating its 90 years of existence.

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About Livingstone City

By Nathaniel Lowa  

Livingstone is located in the Southern Province of Zambia and was established in the year 1905. The city was named after a missionary explorer Dr David Livingstone.


Dr David Livingstone, a Scottish missionary and explorer, is believed to have been the first European to view the Victoria Falls on 16 November 1855.

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Good Friday and Easter services

By Nimon Muleya in Vic Falls and Livingstone

Part of the congregation during the Good Friday service at Victoria Falls congregation on March 30, 2018District Apostle Charles Ndandula conducted a Good Friday divine service on March 30, 2018 in the Victoria falls Church in the tourist resort town of Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe.

John 19:30 was used as text word. In this special festive divine service, the bible reading was from Luke 23:13 – 25.

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By Nathaniel Lowa in CHOMA

Palm BranchesNew Apostolic Church Christians proclaim the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as the most important part of their Christianity. It’s on this basis that Christians celebrate and remember the day when Jesus Christ entered the city of Jerusalem. This is referred to as Palm Sunday which marks the beginning of the Passion Week. The name Palm Sunday came about as a representation of the palm branches which were scattered in front of Jesus as He rode on a donkey into Jerusalem.

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By Nathaniel Lowa in Kabwe

CemeteryHoly scriptures in relation to revelations of the Holy Spirit are the foundation of the belief of New Apostolic Christians in the life after death.


According to the “Belief in the afterlife for New Apostolic Christians” the state of an unredeemed soul in the afterlife can be changed for the better. Help here solely reposes in the grace resulting from Christ’s sacrifice and the merit associated with this.

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Divine Services in Loanja and Mwandi

By Nimon Muleya in Loanja and Mwandi

The choir singing the after text hymn in Loanja on 24.02.2018District Apostle Charles Ndandula, visited New Apostolic Church members in Loanja and Mwandi in Sesheke-Mulobezi Apostle Area from February 23 to 26, 2018.


The divine service in Loanja was held on February 24, 2018 and Luke 12:36-37 was used as text word:

And you yourselves be like men who wait for their master, when he will return from the wedding, that when he comes and knocks they may open to him immediately.

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Kamirenda Congregation dedicated

By Nathaniel Lowa in Luanshya and Ndola

District Apostle Charles Ndandula unveiling the plaque of the newly constructed Kamirenda congregation in Luanshya on 17th February, 2018The New Apostolic Church has about 59, 000 congregations worldwide and in Zambia alone, the church has about 8, 624 congregations.


The District Apostle, by his commission, has the duty to dedicate newly constructed church buildings; sometimes, this responsibility is delegated to the District Apostle Helper and Apostles and Bishops.

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District Apostle Ndandula in Livingstone

By Nathaniel Lowa in Livingstone  28 January 2018


District Apostle Charles Ndandula during service at Hillcrest Congregation on 28th January, 2018January 27, 2018 was a special day for members at Mukuni Congregation in Livingstone when District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula, in the company of Apostles Godwin Nyuwa of Sesheke, Steven Lindunda of Kitwe and Donald Kalyangu of Lusaka, visited the congregation for a divine service which fell on a Saturday.

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District Apostle Visits Libala and Mt Makulu

By Nathaniel Lowa


District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula during the divine service at Libala congregation on January 20, 2018District Apostle Charles S Ndandula visited Libala congregation in Lusaka on the 20th of January 2018 for a special divine service which fell on a Saturday.


The divine service came about following the cancellation of service which was scheduled to take place on the same date at Kalikiliki congregation in Lusaka due to the Cholera outbreak.


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By Nathaniel Lowa in Lusaka


District Apostle CHARLES NDANDULA with government officials during the donation at Ministry of Health in Lusaka, Zambia on January 16, 2018DISTRICT Apostle Charles S Ndandula says the New Apostolic Church remains committed to join efforts with the Government of the Republic of Zambia and other stakeholders in the fight against the Cholera outbreak in the country which has affected over 3,000 people in just over 3 months.

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District Apostle visits Lukulu

By Curren Machona in Lukulu

District Apostle Charles Ndandula during a meeting with ministers and their spouses in Lukulu on December 9, 2017DISTRICT Apostle Charles Ndandula visited New Apostolic Church members of Kaoma – Lukulu Apostle Area from December 8 – 11, 2017.


On Saturday, December 9, 2017, District Apostle Ndandula conducted a meeting for ministers and their wives at...

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Apostles meet in Lilongwe…

International Apostles’ Meeting underway at Golden Peacock hotel on October 28, 201727 New Apostolic Church Apostles of District Apostle Area (DAA) 28 (Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi) met in Lilongwe, Malawi for the 5th International Apostles Meeting (IAM) from October 27 – 29, 2017. Lilongwe’s Golden Peacock hotel was the venue for the meeting that lasted the whole day of Saturday, October 28, 2017. Later on the same day, the Apostles also   graced a New Apostolic Church music concert held in Malawi's Capital City, Lilongwe, at New Apostolic Church – Lilongwe Central Congregation.

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Six divine services, five (5) with dedication…

By Kasanga Mahamba in Senanga - Shangombo Apostle Area

Mulele church, dedicated by District Apostle Ndandula on September 10, 2017District Apostle Charles Ndandula conducted Six (6) divine services, of which five (5) were with dedication, in six (6) days, in Senanga-Shangombo Apostle Area from 8 – 13 September 2017. 


Accompanied by Apostles based in Western Province, District Apostle Ndandula and his entourage arrived in Senanga on September 7, 2017, to a joyful welcome by the members at Senanga Main congregation...
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New Apostolic Church programmes on ZNBC TV3

By Nimon Muleya


Nimon MuleyaThe New Apostolic Church in Zambia wishes to inform its members and the general public that Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) will start airing New Apostolic Church programmes and activities on ZNBC TV3.


TV3 is a Christian channel on ZNBC whose aim is to promote and uphold Christian values in society. ZNBC offered 2 hours of broadcast time on TV3 to the New Apostolic Church to show programmes about the activities of the New Apostolic Church in Zambia, at no cost. As a Church, we are very grateful to ZNBC for this gesture.

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DA commissions the Chibombo Church Farm

By Nimon Muleya in Chibombo

Factory manager Mwansa Nkhata explains to District Apostle Ndandula and his entourage the process of Tomato sauce productionDistrict Apostle Charles Ndandula says the New Apostle Church in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe is committed to making a meaningful contribution towards poverty alleviation in the society in which the church operates. The District Apostle said this when he commissioned the New Apostolic Church Relief Organization church farm in Chibombo district in Zambia on September 20, 2017.

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Proper and Effective Use of Social Media Platforms


District Apostle Charles S. NdandulaDear Brothers and Sisters,

We live in a world that is now heavily driven by technology especially Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs); along which has come social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp to mention just a few. In this regard, I wish to thank members, especially our dear youths, who are positively and effectively using social media to further the work of God in our district. However, information reaching my Office indicates that some of the material posted, and comments made, by some of our members are at variance with our doctrine and the expected moral standing of our Church in society. What then is the proper and effective way to use Social Media?

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2017 Day of the Youths

By Arnold Chawinga in Mzuzu, Malawi


Part of the New Apostolic Church youths from Harare West that participated in the 2017 Apostle Area youth gathering held in Bulawayo2,173 New Apostolic Church youths from Malawi-Mzimba Apostle Area gathered at Skyways Secondary School in Mzuzu from 4 to 6 August 2017 for this year’s Apostle Area day of the Youth.


During this gathering, which was graced by DAH Mhango, accompanied by Apostles Moses Chipanda of Lilongwe, Owen Kayira (host) of Mzimba and Bishop Peter Nkhana, youths displayed their special physical and spiritual talents through sports, bible quiz and church music presentation among others...

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District Elder Stephen Mumbwala put to rest

By Nimon Muleya in Kabwe

Late District Elder Stephen MumbwalaTHOUSANDS of mourners gathered at Railways congregation in Kabwe to pay their last respects to District Elder Stephen Mumbwala, who passed on in Lusaka on August 19, 2017.


In the funeral service conducted by Area Apostle, Ranford Simumbwe on August 22, 2017, at Railways congregation, Apostle Simumbwe used Hebrews 11:10 as text word:

“For he waited for the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God”.

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Dedication of Munano church…

By Nimon Muleya in Lusaka


Munano church, dedicated on August 19, 2017AUGUST 19, 2017 was a joyful day for New Apostolic Church members in Kasenga District when District Apostle Charles Ndandula dedicated a church for Munano congregation.


Located about 50 km from Lusaka Central Business District, on the road from the airport to Chipembi, Munano congregation currently has 148 members under the care of Community Evangelist Bornster Shamfunaula. The congregation is part of Lusaka Central-Kabwe East Apostle Area cared for by Apostle Stanley Munsaka, assisted by Bishop Oscar Kalumiana.

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Apostle Area sisters' fellowships…

Part of the sister that attended Apostle Area Sister’s fellowship in JonesNew Apostolic Church sisters from 20 Elder Districts of Monze-Mazabuka Apostle Area gathered in Jones, Monze. The gathering was in preparation for the annual International Sisters’ fellowship to be held in Petauke, Zambia, from 27August to 3 September 2017.


Jones is the name of a famous white farmer in Monze, and the area where he has settled has been named after him; however, the area, Jones, also has a local name “Muunyu Mabisi”.

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District Apostle Ndandula visits Kitwe
Luyando sisters singing after the dedication of Chamboli on 06/08/20175 August 2017 was a joyful day for New Apostolic Church members in the mining town of Kitwe, when District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula conducted a festive divine service with dedication at Chamboli congregation. For this service he read from Psalms 27:4:

"One thing I have desired of the Lord, that will I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple".

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Children’s service in Livingstone

District Apostle Helper Robert Nsamba during a children’s service at Maramba congregation in Livingstone on 15 July 2017District Apostle Helper Robert Nsamba conducted two divine services in Livingstone at Maramba Main congregation on 15 and 16 July, 2017.

On Saturday 15 July, 2017, the District Apostle Helper conducted a children’s service at Maramba Main congregation where he used the text word from Revelation 21:5: “Then He who sat on the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ And He said to me, ‘Write, for these words are true and faithful.’”

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Four (4) churches dedicated in Choma–Kalomo Apostle Area

Sichinde church was dedicated on 14 June 2017New Apostolic Church members in Siamambo Elder district of Choma–Kalomo Apostle Area celebrated a divine service with dedication with Area Apostle, Baker Chakwana on 14 June 2017 and witnessed the dedication of a church for Sichinde congregation.

For this Dedication service Apostle Chakwana read 1 Chronicles 28:10 as the text word:

“Take heed now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary, be strong and do it”.

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Thousands attend Chief Apostle Schneider’s services in Zambezi and Mansa

Zambezi Central ChurchThe World President of the New Apostolic Church, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider visited District Apostle Area 28 (DAA 28) comprising Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe from June 22 – 28, 2017. The Chief Apostle who arrived at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka at 15:15hrs with flight SA 64 from Johannesburg, was welcomed by host District Apostle Charles Ndandula, District Apostle Helper Robert Nsamba, Lusaka based Apostles and selected members.

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