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Bishop Heathcote put to rest

Bishop Heathcote burialThursday, July 21, 2016 was an emotional day for New Apostolic Church members in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe as they bid farewell to retired Bishop Leon Geoffrey Heathcote, who served in the Zimbabwe Apostle Area.

In a burial service conducted by District Apostle Charles Ndandula in Gweru, Exodus 33:12 was used as text word:

“I know you by name, and you have found grace in my sight.”

District Apostle Ndandula described the late Bishop Heathcote as a faithful servant of God.

He was adopted in the New Apostolic Church in 1955 and sealed by District Apostle Hubbert Howes Fernandes in 1956.

He received the following ministries:

District Apostle Charles Ndandula, Apostles Daniel Mulemba and Frank Mwape (ir) and Bishop Daniel Matekenya with family members of late Bishop Leon Geoffrey Heathcote during the funeral service in Zimbabwe on July 21, 2016Born on 22nd September, 1933 in Alexandria, Cape Town, South Africa, Bishop Heathcote leaves behind his dear wife Gillian, three (3) children, six (6) grandchildren and four (4) great grandchildren.

He was called home on Sunday, July 17, 2016.