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Dedication of Munano church…

By Nimon Muleya in Lusaka


Part of the congregation that witnessed the dedication of Munano churchAUGUST 19, 2017 was a joyful day for New Apostolic Church members in Kasenga District when District Apostle Charles Ndandula dedicated a church for Munano congregation.


Located about 50 km from Lusaka Central Business District, on the road from the airport to Chipembi, Munano congregation currently has 148 members under the care of Community Evangelist Bornster Shamfunaula. The congregation is part of Lusaka Central-Kabwe East Apostle Area cared for by Apostle Stanley Munsaka, assisted by Bishop Oscar Kalumiana.


In a divine service with dedication, witnessed by 608 members, District Apostle Ndandula used Psalms 115:11 as text word:

“You who fear the Lord, trust in the Lord; He is their help and their shield.”


In his sermon, District Apostle Ndandula thanked the members for their sacrifice and contribution towards the construction of Munano church.


“My dear brothers and sisters, you have fulfilled the will of God by constructing His temple. The Lord chose you to build His temple and I want to say thank you. Let this inspire you to do much more for the Lord your God,” he said.


District Apostle Ndandula also assured the members of God’s help in whatever they may be going through.


“Beloved brothers and sisters, from our text, we learn that the Lord will help those who fear and trust Him. The Bible tells us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.


“Knowing the nature of God is wisdom. God is holy – let us understand the holiness of God. When we approach Him, let us take away all our opinions and prejudice.


“God is perfect! After He created the heaven and the earth, he looked at the creation and said, ‘All is good!’ Beloved, God is almighty. He has powers over everything; nothing is impossible before God,” he said.


In reference to the incident of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife, the District Apostle urged the members to fight evil and reject sin.


“God knows everything and He sees everything. When we fear God, then we shall reject sin. Let this be our striving and our inspiration - to fear God and overcome evil,” he said.


The District Apostle also assured the members of God’s help.


District Apostle Ndandula been welcomed to Munano congregation“Dear brothers and sisters, I am aware that we are living in difficult times, but from the text word, God promises us of His help, just like He helped Gideon; Gideon went to war without any weapon because the Lord told him He would fight his battles.


“Even in our time, the Lord will fight our battles! But also, the Lord has provided us with some weapons to use on our journey to the goal of our faith. These weapons include prayer - prayer helps us to communicate to God. Let us use it; let us take it to the Lord in prayer, He will hear us, and provide His help.


“Love is another weapon that the Lord has given us, love never fails! Beloved, let us love our God with all our mind and soul; let us also love our neighbour, love our enemy and leave vengeance to God. Let us also practise forgiveness, when we forgive, we too will find favour before God and He will forgive us,” he said.


Established in the 90s, the first divine service was held on Wednesday, 21st September, 1994. It was a word service conducted by Brother Lackson Samende and assisted by Brother Charles Mbuyu. It was followed up by the Thanksgiving Service of 2nd October 1994 conducted by Priest Bright Banda (a pioneer of God’s work in this area) who was assisted by Sub-Deacon Makai Sililo.


In the following year the branch was realigned to Kaposhi Congregation for easier administration. Ministers were sent regularly from Kaposhi to serve the branch until 1996 when 2 residents (Priest Wisdom Chona and Deacon Kenneth Milambo) were ordained.


District Apostle Ndandula during a divine service with engagement at Fairview congregationIn 2014 the area ministers decided that a permanent Chapel dedicated to the worship and service of the Lord should be built on self-help basis. Members started by contributing cash, labour for upfront materials, transport and also their expertise.


Brother Emmanuel Mwashamputa was to lead the technical team supported by the Project Management Team (PMT). Excluding contributions in kind, the total monetary cost of the project was K125,753.00 all raised on self-help basis.


And on Sunday, August 20, 2017, District Apostle Ndandula conducted a divine service with engagement.


Psalms 118:19 was used as text word.

“Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them, and I will praise the Lord.”


In reference to the text the District Apostle encouraged the members to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.


A children’s choir singing during the divine service with engagement at Fairview congregation“Dear brothers and sisters, our text refers to the olden times when people were on a pilgrim to Jerusalem - people went to the Priests and asked them to open the gates so that they could praise the Lord.


“We too will have to enter the gates in order for us to be part of the Kingdom of God. We need to be willing to be part of this Kingdom. The Lord will not force us to enter His Kingdom - our redemption will not be forced on us.


“The gate of righteous is our Lord Jesus Christ - let us believe in Him, let us have faith in Him. When we do this, we will be praising the Lord and have entry into His Kingdom.


“Faith also makes us obedient to God. We want to obey the gospel of Jesus. Let us trust God; He means well at all times. Let us also be patient with God and with one another.


“Let us also be thankful to God for whatever He has done to us - thankfulness opens the heart of a giver! When we do this, then we will be worthy to enter the gates of righteous and praise the Lord,” he said.


During the service, the District Apostle bestowed engagement blessings on Mudenda Mwape and his fiancé Chuma Inambao.District Apostle Ndandula addressing Mudenda and his fiancé Chuma, before the couple received engagement blessing