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A new Church in Chazanga, Lusaka – Zambia

The District District cutting the ribbon at ChazangaA total of 1, 480 members witnessed the dedication of Chazanga Church by District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula on Sunday, January 10th 2016. Domiciled in the Lusaka West - Mumbwa Apostle Area, Chazanga congregation is superintended by Apostle Donald Kalunga Kalyangu.

District Apostle Ndandula read 1 John 2:29 as text for the dedication service.

If you know that He is righteous, you know that everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him.”

In his sermon, the District Apostle said that God is righteous and whatever God does is perfect as recorded in Deuteronomy 32:4.

He told the congregation that God has always used human beings to carry out His work.

District Apostle Ndandula at the altar in Chazanga“The Lord uses the weak (not righteous) to do His work not because He wants them to remain weak, but rather that they may overcome their weakness and become strong. Human beings may not be perfect, but that does not affect His work; He provides to us that which we need in order to attain righteousness – the rebirth through water and the Holy Spirit, the word of God which prepares us for the return of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of our sins. These open our way to salvation,” he said.  

The District Apostle urged the members to reveal the righteousness of God in their speech and actions.

“This will confirm that we are His children, born of Him. Let the image of righteousness be seen in us – in our love for God and mankind, in our love for His work, in our desire to do good, our trust in God and accepting that which the Lord permits in our lives,” he said.

Chazanga congregation started in 1987 as a branch of Tachikanamwine congregation with the aim of reducing the walking distance for members especially during mid-week divine services. It started with a membership of 25 souls.

The Rector of Chazanga receicing the keys for the new ChurchDue to a steady increase in membership, the branch was then moved to Chazanga community hall where the first Sunday divine service was conducted in 1994. In the same year, the branch was registered as a congregation.

Construction of Chazanga church commenced in 1999 with contributions from the members. In 2007 construction of the walls was completed and in 2008, Church Office provided roofing materials. However, other smaller works continued until 2015 in readiness for the dedication on the 10th of January 2016.

The congregation has a membership of 1,002. The congregation derives its name from the township it is located in – Chazanga.

District Apostle Ndandula was accompanied by Area Apostle Donald Kalyangu and district ministers from Lusaka West – Mumbwa Apostle Area.

 The congregation in Chazanga during the serrvice
The congregation during the service at Chazanga