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Kamirenda Congregation dedicated

By Nathaniel Lowa in Luanshya and Ndola

District Apostle Charles Ndandula unveiling the plaque of the newly constructed Kamirenda congregation in Luanshya on 17th February, 2018The New Apostolic Church has about 59, 000 congregations worldwide and in Zambia alone, the church has about 8, 624 congregations.


The District Apostle, by his commission, has the duty to dedicate newly constructed church buildings; sometimes, this responsibility is delegated to the District Apostle Helper and Apostles.


In the latest dedication, District Apostle Charles Ndandula on 17th February, 2018 dedicated Kamirenda congregation in Luanshya on the Copperbelt Province in Zambia.

He was accompanied by Apostles Jacob Mwansa of Ndola – Mufulira Apostle Area (Host), Steven Lindunda of Kitwe – Chingola Apostle Area, Michael Milupi of Lusaka East – Kafue Apostle Area and Edwin Kasamu of Monze – Mazubuka Apostle Area.


Apostle Michael Milupi during service at Kamirenda congregation on 17th February, 2018In his dedication service, District Apostle Ndandula read from the book of Joshua 6:20 as the text word:

“So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.”


District Apostle Ndandula emphasized the need to build Gods house.


“Those who build with God will grow as desired by God and that’s why it’s important to build the house of the Lord because this is where the Holy Spirit and the sacraments are given.”


Apostle Edwin Kasamu during service at Kamirenda congregation on 17th February, 2018As the District Apostle began his sermon in reference to the text word, after he officially dedicated Kamirenda congregation, he made reference to the teaching of obeying God as taught from the Israelites and their encounter in the city of Jericho.  God helps those who obey Him as we can learn from the Israelites when they turned to Joshua by asking him what they could do to overcome the city of Jericho,” he said.


The District Apostle further encouraged the members to learn from the encounter of the Israelites in the city of Jericho. He said, “The lesson we learn from this is that we need to wait for God’s instructions by being patient as the Israelites did.


“We also need to believe and trust in the Lord. The falling of the walls of the city of Jericho means that if we wait upon the Lord, He will help us overcome temptations.”


Kamirenda congregation in Luanshya dedicated on 17th February, 2018 by District Apostle Charles NdandulaDuring the sermon District Apostle Ndandula reminded the members that God’s word is strong. “We need to know that God’s word is strong that it can overcome and conquer; even in times when it seems as though things are falling apart, let us trust and believe in God, the Lord will help us to overcome, in times of trials,” he said.


During the festive divine service, District Apostle Ndandula blessed a couple, Mwikisa Mwikisa and Mercy Ndandula Mwikisa. He congratulated the couple and wished them well in their future as husband and wife.


Kamirenda congregation first started in 1996 with only 43 members. At the time, members would congregate in a classroom and as the membership increased, the local council granted the church a piece of land to construct a church building.


District Apostle Ndandula blessing Mwikisa Mwikisa and Mercy Ndandula Mwikisa in celebration of their marriage at Kamirenda congregation on 17th February, 2018The construction officially started in 2013 and was completed in 2018. The project’s total cost amounted to K296, 618.


A total of 1,285 members attended this service.


Meanwhile the following day, 18th February, 2018, District Apostle Charles Ndandula conducted another divine service in Ndola at Tug Argan congregation.


Tug Argan was a land battle between forces of the British Empire and Italy which took place in 1940. The battle was part of the Italian conquest of British Somaliland, in which Italy successfully attempted to conquer the latter British colony, and thus is included in the larger parts of Africa where Zambian troops fought in that war, hence the name “Tug Argan”.


District Apostle Charles Ndandula planting a tree at Kamirenda congregation after dedicating it on 17th February, 2018Tug Argan barracks in Ndola was named after this battle and the congregation got its name due to its location within the barracks.


For the divine service, District Apostle Ndandula read from the book of Luke 12:49 – 50: “I came to set fire on the earth, how I wish it were already kindled but I have a baptism to be baptized with, how distressed I am till it is accomplished.”


The service was attended by 1, 196 members.


The District Apostle began the sermon by referring to Jesus Christ and what kind of fire He (Jesus) brought on earth. “Jesus Christ brought the fire of the gospel which He started and now it has spread all over the world therefore it is up to us to align ourselves to the teaching of the gospel,” he said.


Tug Argan congregation in NdolaThe District Apostle explained further what the fire Jesus Christ brought does to God’s children. “The fire our Lord Jesus brought purifies us and aligns us with His teaching,” he said.


District Apostle Ndandula further added that children of God need to keep the fire burning in their hearts by not quenching it. He made reference to the book of 1 Thessalonians 5: 19 “Do not quench the Spirit.”


He encouraged the members to rekindle the fire from time to time by keeping the faith alive and allowing themselves to be consumed by it.


Before the end of the service, the District Apostle ordained District ministers. The ordinations mean Ndola will now see an increase by two Elder Districts.Ordinations

Those ordained were, standing from right to left:

1.    District Elder Richard Chinyama

2.    District Elder Mwangala Situmbeko

3.    District Evangelist Kingsley Selemani

4.    District Evangelist Isaac Kamwimba

5.    District Evangelist Collins Nyundu

6.    District Evangelist Capson Muntanga

7.    District Evangelist Nyambe Sikondwama