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About Apostle Peter Mukonda (Senanga-Shangombo Apostle Area)

By David Nalumino Mwiya

Ap. Peter MukondaPeter Mukonda. This is the name of the new Apostle for Senanga-Shangambo Apostle Area, ordained on 29th April 2018 by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider at Nakatindi Church Grounds in Livingstone during the 90th Anniversary celebrations.


He was born in a New Apostolic family on 30th January 1979 at Lianyi Village, Chief Nalonge in Senanga District of Western Province. His father is David Mukonda Kambungo (now a retired Shepherd) and the mother is Mary Kalumbu Kambungo. He was baptized and sealed in the same year he was born by Apostle Barrington Nawa Sianga.


For his primary school education, he went to Lububa Primary School in Kaoma District, from 1988 to 1994 and then proceeded to Senanga Secondary School from 1995 to 1999. He undertook a course in bricklaying and plastering at Mongu Trades Training Institute from 2003 to 2004. He later joined the Ministry of Works and Supply, and in 2013, was appointed Assistant District Works Supervisor, based at Nkeyema District, one of the newest districts of Western Province, where he is currently.


‘In a purely Apostolic affair’, he married Purity Nyambe Mukumbuta, 8th born daughter of Bishop Aggrey Anayawa Mukumbuta (in retirement) on 10th June 2007. The Lord has blessed their union with two sons.


He is currently pursuing further studies for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work at the University of Barotseland.


Over a period of time, Peter received the following ministries:

        Deacon - 12th May 1996 by Apostle I.B. Luneta at Nzuli congregation

        Priest - 26th April 1998 by Apostle I.B. Luneta at Lilundu congregation

        Community Evangelist - 19th September 2001 by Apostle I.B. Luneta at Mwanambinyi congregation

        Shepherd - 29th August 2010 by Apostle I.M. Ananyetele at Imwiko congregation

        District Elder - 14th July 2012 by District Apostle C.S. Ndandula at Itufa congregation