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New Apostolic Church programmes on ZNBC TV3

By Nimon Muleya


Nimon MuleyaThe New Apostolic Church in Zambia wishes to inform its members and the general public that Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) will start airing New Apostolic Church programmes and activities on ZNBC TV3.


TV3 is a Christian channel on ZNBC whose aim is to promote and uphold Christian values in society. ZNBC offered 2 hours of broadcast time on TV3 to the New Apostolic Church to show programmes about the activities of the New Apostolic Church in Zambia, at no cost. As a Church, we are very grateful to ZNBC for this gesture.  


The New Apostolic Church will use this opportunity to reach out to all people to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ; and propagate the doctrine of the New Apostolic.


The programmes will broadcast every Thursday at 18:00 hours for two (2) hours. This programme will start on October 18, 2017.  


The programme will highlight the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church, excerpts of divine services, New Apostolic Church music and documentaries.


Viewers require the acquisition of a set top box (STBs).


ZNBC TV3 is a Terrestrial signal and viewers can access the channel using the recommended Set Top Boxes (STBs).