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Apostle Aaron Katungu dies
Apostle Katungu

In the early evening hours of Sunday, 6 September, 2015, Apostle Aaron Sitali Katungu of Ndola passed on at the age of 64 years. He is survived by his wife Joyce and eight (8) children, two (2) boys, six (6) girls.

In his official notice, District Apostle Charles S. Ndandula said Apostle Katungu passed on around 5:30 PM at Ndola Central Hospital, after an illness.

“I received the sad news of the demise of our dear friend and Apostle Aaron Katungu last evening at about 17:45 hrs that he was called home at 17:30 hrs. It is a very sad message but our times are in the Hands of God. It is hard, but we must bow down to the will of God.

"His time was up and we wish him peace in the realm of the departed. We shall follow in due course when our time comes, as we all shall go home,” read an email from District Apostle Ndandula sent to Chief Apostle Jean -  Luc Schneider and copied to all Apostles and Bishops in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Born on 25th October, 1951 in Chingola from New Apostolic parents, Apostle Katungu cared for New Apostolic Church members in Ndola – Mufulira Apostle Area (the area includes Luanshya, Mpongwe and Masaiti districts on the Copperbelt), upto the time of his demise.

Burial is being planned for Thursday, September 10, 2015 in Ndola. The District Apostle is scheduled to conduct this service.

Ap KatunguApostle Katungu looks on as a young sister presents a bouquet of flowers to the Chief Apostle

Ap. Katungu
Apostle Katungu welcoming the Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider at Ndola Central Church on 3 August 2014